Ephedrine 20 Blisters OSEL

efedrina-100-ampollas-osel-nuevoEPHEDRINE AMP. Ephedrine Hydrochloride 0.05 g / ml 1 amp OSEL

You can inject subsurface skin or muscle can also be mixed with the drink (eg coffee)

Ephedrine became very popular, especially in the US Because of its strong characteristics of burning fat. Increase the heat in the body and causes thermogenic effect. This process results in more calories burned.
Ephedrine is the main process affecting the thyroid gland. When ephedrine increased to a sufficient level, it begins to convert LT – LT 4 – 3. This process makes the performance faster metabolism. It is common to see cycles of ephedrine with caffeine and aspirin. Most common dose is 300 mg of aspirin, 200 mg caffeine and 25 mg of ephedrine. When this combination is used 30 minutes after meals, the fat burning fires completely.

Also due to the characteristics of Ephederine anticatab√≥licos, is very popular among bodybuilders and athletes. Ephederine as many athletes call “training booster” when used one hour before exercise. But Ephederine has short-term effect only when used more than 3 times in a week, the effect of boosting totally lost.

No fatal side effect of ephedrine is not known. The most common side effect is rapid heartbeat, but many tests reported rapid heart beat is only psychological in most weight losers. Also insomnia, headaches and loss of appetite are other side effects. People with high blood pressure should stay away from ephedrine overactive thyroid gland can break the rhythm of the heart.

After it became popular, many different products Ephederine are released. Some of them were also included caffeine and other additions. Health Canada published a great reminder for many products in the market Ephederine. It was included Ephederine products with more than 8 mg per dose and Ephederine products with the addition of caffeine.

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